Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Prompted by a Picture from Facebook

I saw this incredible photo of a sculpture on Facebook (thanks to Glenda!), and my mind went into action, creating tag lines:

Nothing's set in stone--break free!

We are never stuck if we just step forward.

Emotional paralysis comes from letting others sculpt your identity.

Don't let the medium into which you were born define the artistry you create of your life.

The most memorable moments in life occur when we leap beyond the walls that form our illusory boundaries.

I think I can, and I do! (Okay, it's kind of borrowed from a little engine...)

What would YOU write to go with this inspiring picture?


  1. the photo reminds me of how Israeli dancing makes me feel - breaking out from the " daytime " me - and to just feel the music and the tunes and the words ----- sheer bliss

  2. Be confined no more! Step outside the box and dance to your own beat!