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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

WANTING (a new poem to be read aloud after a deep inhalation)

                                            by S. L. Lipson                                

     I am sick of mediocrity
     and superficiality 
     and damn conditionality 
        rewarded by society,
        more so than humble piety
        or dignified sobriety,
     or earnest dedication,
     while valuable education
     is devalued in this nation,
        and money is equated
        with all that’s highly rated 
        by teachers who have stated
     that they define what’s best
     with mere numbers on a test,
     scores higher than the rest,
        as if that is a measure 
        of what we all should treasure
        over intangible pleasure—
     like laughter shared with friends,
     warm hugs that make amends, 
     mere awareness that transcends
        the tangible into gratitude,
        becoming a blessed attitude;
        and this is no mere platitude!
            It’s a call to all to reassess
            the key to peace and happiness:
            to value more while wanting less.